June 22nd 1950- office of Captain Hoos N. Charge:
It’s a dark day for the city of Los Angeles. This new perpetrator is a different breed of criminal. We don’t know what drives our suspect except a need for mayhem and a certain gleeful pride in the crime itself.

My detectives are good at their job but I don’t even know if they can muster the talent to catch this mastermind before it’s too late.

I hired some outside help on this one because this scum needs to be brought in and served a steaming hot cup of L.A. Justice with a side of 20 to life without the possibility of dessert.

In “The Precinct” you are the out of town help mentioned above, hired to come in and solve a nefarious crime. Nefarious because it is evil. Evil, like, not washing your hands after using the bathroom evil.

You will have 60 minutes to use your powers of deductive reasoning, as well as some savvy and ability to read a few complete sentences to solve the crime and foil this foul filthy criminal before time expires and it’s too late.

There will be surprises! Cop stuff! References to donuts! Did I mention cop stuff?!

Book now and be the cops this city needs!




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