The Jungle


(radio static)


This is Research Team Beta.  We have found the base camp office but the professor is not here!  Daylight is fading... Instruments say there are…. (static) approaching so we are going to have to try and find (static) is full of strange… (static) Hopefully the professor made it to safety.  Must escape room... (static) Must escape room... We don’t have much time!

The Jungle is an escape room where you are a research team that has just picked a really bad time to get to the research station.  The objective is simple.  Find your way out within 60 minutes.  You are "in the dark" with headlamps, flashlights and a lantern in a complex tribal tangle of a room.  There is a storm approaching that is going to make El Nino look like a squall.  Prediction: 100% chance of awesome!





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