Sherlock placed the key in its final resting place before closing the door to the room. This was a monumental occasion for himself and Watson. Watson was not aware of the gravity of it yet, but he soon would be. Sherlock crossed the room and put his note to Watson in the center of the table. He left his magnifying glass sitting by it. “One of many tools of the trade you will need my friend… It is time to see what you have learned.”

Holmes went to the door, took one final look. The door closed leaving the light of the crackling fire to illuminate what would become Watson’s final exam.

In Sherlock’s Office, Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, has left behind a series of challenges for Watson to tackle in one hour or less to prove he is not the “bumbling idiot” that Sherlock still believes him to be. Don’t worry though, the challenges in here, while considerable, are not impossible.

Ask yourself, do you have the skill to solve a room designed by Sherlock to test Watson?

Book now and embark on this great adventure.





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