Professor Mojo's Museum of Mildly Malicious Mental Mystification! Otherwise known as “MMMMMM"

The first thing I would ask is how something could be “mildly” malicious…

My wife seems to think this is entirely impossible but I have done the math exactly 12 times using a series of sophisticated equipment. Mostly my calculator.

INDEED! Something can be mildly malicious!

I, Professor Bo Mojo am cursed with a nasty allergy to children so I’ve devised this room to entice and entrap them! It won’t be long until I will be able to go out and do the things I want to do without constantly being assailed by tiny humans!

Mostly I want to stop blowing my nose and looking like I have been punched in the face by a kangaroo named Waffles. Do kangaroos eat waffles?

That will be an experiment for another time once those kids have taken the bait and ... Ooooh... the Mojo Viewer has come on. They are entering the room now. Time to spring the trap!


Mojo’s Museum is a one-room magical Mojo world, filled with…

    •  The Giant Sound Tube Wall
    •  The Amazing Table of Modern Fossils
    •  The Cabinets of Mystery
    •  The Tubular Towers
    •  The Professor’s Puzzling Posters
    •  Leroy’s Trunk
    •  The Purplish Toolbox of Optical Madness
    •  Umbrellas, Animals and Fruit.
         (Yes, giant, mustachioed fruit.)
    •  The Breadbox of Bongos (huh??)
    •  The Gargantuan Floor Map to Freedom!

Gather the young ones in your life and come experience the exhilaration of Escape Games Live in Mojo’s Museum!  Your Escape Games Live game host will be in the room with the kids keeping the game moving along and safe.  You and your guests can watch the action live in the adjacent lounge on the Room Cam.

If you want to add time in our lounge for a party to your game, or would like to book a Mojo event for more than 8 players, please contact Tom (info below).  Mojo birthdays are awesome!

Mojo’s Museum is not “point and click” - Get them to put those screens down and enjoy an actual experience they will never forget!

Contact Tom at 717-683-9274 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.





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