"I just can not even describe how awesome this was!" 

"I was a bit skeptical about this, but WOW!  This place far exceeded my expectations." 

"Way more fun than I even thought it would be."  


Escape Games Live is the cure for your common entertainment.

We will surprise and delight you with our mesmerizing room sets, challenging yet achievable puzzles, and game hosts committed to showing you and your guests an amazing time.  You will leave here absolutely giddy.

For our new Lemoyne location, formerly "Puzzled",  please click HERE 


Our York location hosts friends and family escape games as well as large Private Parties
and Team Building events for up to 65 players.  We have free parking and are located in the heart of historic downtown York.


If you are ready to book, click here or to learn more about what we can do for you, read on.

  • Unlike most escape rooms, we have reasonably priced, all private games, so you will never pay good money to get trapped in a room with strangers.*
  • We will let you finish your game regardless of a 60 minute escape or not so you get the complete experience every time.
  • We have a beginner game called Escape the Decade, 1970’s that is a perfect introduction to the genre.
  • Mojo’s Museum is PA’s only escape room created for your kids. Say it with me... Birthday Party Good Times! Woot!
  • Ready for a western "race room?" Two teams compete in the same large room on two sides of jail bars doing parallel puzzles!  Whaaa?? Yeah. It’s that cool. See "The Showdown" for details.                         

Come see what all the hype is about.


*We at Escape Games Live make no insinuation that mingling with strangers is a bad thing, unless one of them is a pushy dunce. Meeting new people is valuable to our continued existence as a society but for the purposes of this game we prefer to let you bring your own team.





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